Terms & Conditions for Custom Projects

Last update : October 8 2020

1. Area of application

1.1 These terms and conditions apply strictly to private projects. Private projects mean any program or service purchased that is not published on any market and sold only once to the buyer.

2. Client’s obligations

2.1 The client has the obligation not to disclose our way of working during the development of the project.

2.2 The customer has the obligation to buy the copyright and resale if he intend to resell the program or the service. If resale rights are not paid then the program or service may be used only for personal use.

3. Bindlex’s obligations

3.1 Bindlex has the obligation to bring the project to completion and work as discussed at the time of payment by the customer.

3.2 Bindlex has the obligation to keep the script in an archive for future updates at the client’s request or in case of updates if there are any third party changes that will make the program not work properly.

3.3 Bindlex has the obligation to delete the source code from the archive at the client’s request. In this case, future updates will no longer be available in any way and point 3.2 will no longer be considered an obligation anymore.

3.4 Bindlex has the obligation that during the development of the project to notify the client whenever he wants regarding the current progress and the changes brought.

3.5 Bindlex has the obligation not to distribute to any other person or company, not to resell or publish to anyone else the project, the source code or the final product.

4. Project Price

4.1 The price of the project is dynamic and can be negotiable until the invoice is issued and the first payment has been made.

5. Payment terms & installments

5.1 The development of the project will start once a first payment has been made. It can be either full or in installments.

5.2 The number of installments can be discussed before the first payment is made. Once the first payment has been confirmed, the number of installments can’t be modified anymore.

5.3 It is necessary that all installments be paid by the time the program or service is delivered on the client’s domain or personal PC.

5.4 We reserve the right not to deliver the program or service until the installments have been paid.

6. Project delivery

6.1 At the end of the project, the final product will be delivered, operable exactly as according to the client’s requirements at the time of payment.