Frequently Asked Questions


How to purchase a product

Bindlex currently sells all of the products via Envato Market.  You can view our store or go directly to our portofolio. The payment can be done in many methods, click here to read more about purchase.

License activation

After any state of purchase you have the possibility to download your product. In order to activate your license you must attach a screenshot with your generated code and invoice id at Our team will verify your details and approve the use of the product only on the computer you run the software.

Why refund is not accepted

After you purchase the product, your license will be activated so you can have access to the software & live assistance. We give as many details possible about the product and we’re making sure the software will be working before you buy it. The refund can’t be applied on our website as your aware of the functionality of the product before your payment.

Moving the license

Anytime you can move the license from one computer to another with a small fee. For that you must contact us at with your previous generated code and the new one from the PC you want to transfer your license. For that you must copy & run the product on your new computer.


Request live assistance

If you have purchased any product you have the right to request live assistance support. Your appointment will be established with one of our supporters and one operator will connect to you in order to answer or help you with the setup of the software. For any bugs or errors you must contact us to report directly this to be fixed with an update. Request a live assistance by contact us form or email us at

Live chat

Bindlex is investing a lot of time in support. A live chat will be sure avaialble on our website in the near future, until then please be patient and use our email service or contact via Envato Market on our author page.