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Bindlex Ranking is important for your website!

The speed of sending the traffic is a very important part of the bot. Even if this is changed by other factors, the faster the bot, the faster visitors will come to visit your site. Tests demonstrate that Bindlex Ranking is over 230% faster than the average traffic speed of other bots on the market with a great bounce rate of 20% and return rate of ~40%.

Features of Bindlex Ranking

  1. No limits for the traffic.

    An important advantage of this software is that you have no limit for the traffic you deliver for the campaign selected. Besides, you have the option to create unlimited campaigns to send traffic to all the desired sites. These features can be useful either for personal growth or to turn the program into a successful business. Being able to send traffic to any site at any time you have the chance to create a service to sell to your customers.


  2. Configure your custom rates of the traffic.

    Most traffic bots on the market are devoid of important features such as bounce and return rates. With Bindlex Ranking you can set a higher or lower bounce rate and select the percentage of visitors returning to the site.


  3. High-Quality Traffic visits. (User Agents & Proxies)

    Another important thing when sending traffic to a site is its quality as well as the page loading speed. These 2 factors drastically influence the growth time in search engines. The better the traffic and the better proxy, the faster you will get potential customers.


  4. Custom Regions & Countries.

    With over 20+ countries to receive traffic from it will be possible to reach your target audience faster. This is another feature that you hardly find in traffic programs on the market. This is important to prevent useless traffic to unwanted countries and it also greatly reduce the time it takes to grow on search engines.


  5. Advanced setup & configuration.

    Besides all of these you have options such as custom waiting time, credentials for custom proxies and more to come such as custom threads.

StandardMost Popular

$ 89


Great for companies / personal blogs.

  • Unlimited Campaigns & Traffic
  • Access to server updated proxies list
  • Access to server updated user agents list
  • Modify bounce rate
  • Modify return rate
  • Advanced custom proxies configuration
  • Executable with parameters for custom configurations.
  • Traffic for your customers as a service or through a software.
  • Set custom proxies
  • Set keywords list
  • Set number of traffic


Better Average Traffic Speed

Than most of the current traffic products on the market.

The speed of sending the traffic is very important. We checked and our tests show that our traffic bot is over 230% better than most other traffic programs on the market.

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