Bindlex Ranking Documentation

Last modified : September 12 2020

Welcome & basics

Welcome! This is the general documentation of the Bindlex Ranking program. This will teach you how to use the program correctly, as short as possible. If you have questions about the more advanced mode of operation, please contact us.

Setup a campaign

To create a campaign you have to go to the ‘Website Traffic’ menu, right click on the table and select ‘New Campaign’.

Step 1 – Campaign General Settings

  • Write your campaign name
  • Write your website URL (preferably without http: // or https: //).
  • If you want the bot to search for internal pages on your site on its own, you can check the ‘Automatically Detect Internal Links’ option.
  • If you want to manually add internal links that the bot can access, you can write one by one on each line.

Step 2 – Bots Behaviour

  • Set Bounce Rate (25% Recommended)
  • Set Return Rate (This represents the number of visitors who return to your site.)
  • Minimum – Maximum waiting time (This represents the minimum and maximum value for the waiting time on the website pages.) The value is in seconds.
  • Custom Threads (The recommended value is 20. The higher it is, the more traffic you will have, but more CPU, Memory & Network will be required.)

Step 3 – Traffic Settings

  • Organic Traffic (Keywords) – Keywords can be written on each line or you can add them directly from a list.
  • Social Traffic (Profiles) – Enter a URL on each line of the social pages from which you want the bots to visit your site.
  • Referrer Traffic – Enter any URL on each line where you want to receive traffic (example: article sites, news, etc …)

Step 4 – Regional Settings

Here you can use the proxies on our server or personal proxies.

  • Check the countries where you want to receive traffic.
  • If you use personal proxies click on ‘Custom Proxies’, in the displayed menu click on ‘Enable Custom Proxies’ and add them one by one or from the list.

Step 5 – Finish & Run

  • After you have finished all the settings click ‘Continue’ to finish. After returning to the ‘Website Traffic’ menu, right-click on your campaign and after ‘Standard Run / Stop Campaign’ to run.

User settings

ThemeChange the interfaceStandard
LanguageChange the language of the programEnglish , French
Buttons Animations-True , False
Processes PriorityChange the priority that bots have when running.Idle/Low , Below Normal , Normal , Above Normal , High
Download & Update softwareAllows to download and update the program automatically.True , False

Common Problems & Issues