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By September 22, 2018Bindlex

Bindlex is opening new ways for all of our visitors and customers so you can get advantages with your business. After months of preparation our team has taken the decision to expand to a whole new level the company.

Until end of 2018 we’ll have ready a new whole security and payment system on our website. All of our programs will be updated and new more advanced softwares will be introduced with the possibility of automatically update and a more stable compatibility with Windows Server R2 2012.

Our team will extend on social media too.
From now, more time and investments will be dedicated to our presentation.
This is why from today we will have a durable relation with our clients, resulting in a better community.

Soon, our team will come with awesome news for you.
We thank you for being here!

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  • Elizabeth Metcalfe says:

    I really see a good future of this company, can’t wait for Automation Builder and these new improvements.

  • Cody Harris says:

    Your products are good but you should put some work in interface too.
    People sometimes judge only by the cover however the softwares are awesome btw.

    Hope to see more improvements 🙂

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