With the new changes we have made to our products, projects and services, we are bringing at the same time a new set of re-designed applications. The first program of this edition is Bindlex Ranking.

Improvements to our Business

The applications will receive from now drastic changes. At the same time with Bindlex Ranking we have managed to implement a new anti-piracy & licensing system faster & better, a new engine for our programs that will make them more stable, a better user interface and responsive.

Bindlex Ranking – A great introduction

Increase your website rank with the smartest algorithm on the market for traffic generation. It comes up with more advanced settings than any other software such as setup for traffic growth over time, specific regions for your traffic, quality traffic with the possibility of selecting keywords traffic, social traffic, referrals traffic and at the same time with real-time statistics about the traffic delivered on every website you registered.

You don’t have to purchase expensive useless programs for every SEO and ranking improvements. With Bindlex Ranking you have access to premium tools, always up to date.

Website Analyzer – A great tool for your website. Get an advanced research with information including Domain, SEO, Performance, Security and Social. These are very useful to improve your rank with expert tips and notices.


  • Website Traffic
  • Website Analyzer

Bindlex Ranking will be available on the market : November / 10 / 2019

Early Development Screenshots


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