Project Description

Bindlex GA Web Traffic - Fake traffic generator for Google Analytics - 1

Bindlex GA Web Traffic - Fake traffic generator for Google Analytics - 2

Bindlex GA Web Traffic

Bindlex GA Web Traffic is a powerful fake traffic generator for Google Analytics that allows you to send millions of traffic in just a few minutes, without consuming computer resources. In addition, traffic can be sent simultaneously to an unlimited number of sites.

The configuration of each campaign allows you to set an unlimited number of threads, which consume very little of your computer’s resources and can send a huge number of traffic to the chosen site.

3 types of trafficOrganic (by keywords from search engines), Social (from any social site), Referrer (from any other site).


  • Send unlimited fake Google Analytics traffic to websites
  • Send traffic to unlimited websites at the same time
  • Create campaigns and save your configurations
  • Multi-Threading allows you more than 1 million traffic every hour
  • Send traffic from any country
  • Send traffic from multiple countries at the same time
  • Send Organic, Social or Referrer traffic
  • Very small usage of resources
  • Future updates and improvements
  • Setup support via Remote and email

This is fake traffic and only works on Google Analytics. Your site will not be banned, this traffic is safe to be delivered on your site. Traffic does not help increase your site in web ranking.