Our Mission

Bindlex is a company that supports both entrepreneurs and future online entrepreneurs. Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to save time and resources through our products and services. With the help of these you can develop your own website, you can expand an online business or even learn how to become a successful businessman.

How can we do that?

First of all, our products are specialized in bots for most of the major online environments. As an example, we can offer bots capable of sending traffic to your site, bots that can extract and send data, software to create bots without the need for programming and much more. We make our presence known by publishing our applications on various digital markets such as Envato or Codester.

What makes us special?

From the beginning, we’ve been thinking about those who want to collaborate with us for the long term, and for this we are available at support@bindlex.com. With us you can create a lasting business environment providing an exchange of experiences along promotions, re-sell rights or large custom projects.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions do not apply on any external Marketplace. For any individual marketplace we sell , there are an unique set of refunds, privacy and terms policies.

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