Introducing Bindlex

The future of Business is here.

Private Marketplace, Tutorials & Courses, Custom Projects. All of that you can find with us. Even if your a customer or a visitor, we will make sure that you will have the best experience using Bindlex.

Keshav DhebarReview for Custom Project

One of the few companies they can actually deliver you quality products & services. Worth money invested here.

Cristian AtenasReview for Bindlex Tutorials

For me it's a great experience to read and learn from Bindlex articles. I will wait for more 🙂

Jeremy WilliamsReview for Support

No more than 10 minutes it took for the support team to help me understand the benefits of choosing Bindlex.

Robert SernaReview for Premium Website Traffic

One of the best traffic tools available on the market. Great partners with only top traffic providers.

Michael RosaReview for Bindlex Store - Graphics

Great experience choosing Bindlex Store. Just bought an icon pack days ago and already a new update is available for it.

Why to choose Bindlex

Most of our customers are past visitors. We’re always offer the best quality services for any visitor, from support to products and team projects working.

Private Marketplace

Scripts, Graphics, Audio files, Web templates. These are some categories of what Bindlex Store could provide to you.

Business Articles & Courses

Check our entrepreneur articles and learn how to maximize your business profit, save time and how to find alternative better solutions.

Live Support

If any problems occurs with your purchased products our live support team will be available to help you trough remote assistance.

Custom Project

Order a project, a duplicate of a product with a customization or even request re-sell rights. We're here to make your project come to life.

Bindlex Account

Create an account on our website and get the chance to receive discounts, promotions and even free products.

Monthly Updates

Even if it's a software or an icon pack, our team always work for improvements and new features so your experience will become better.

Bindlex Websites & Partners

These are all of our official websites & partners that you can visit secured.
Bindlex Store
Bindlex Tuts
Bindlex Help
Traffic Bots
Personal Account

Download your items, view past orders, create transactions, receive free items.

Discover Products

Scripts, Bots, Web templates, Audio files, Images. Find anything you want.

Special Services

Order custom projects, buy traffic, live assistance and more.

Weekly Articles

Learn how to start your business, increase website visitors or check others entrepreneurs stories.

Monthly Videos

Tutorials on how to use in the most efficient way our products but also the additional plugins you need.


Discuss with the community about the current topics or help us improve them for a better experience.

Live Assistance

Request a live assistance anytime you have problems with any product from us.

Mail Support

Bindlex support team will always find an answer for your problems or questions.

Live Chat

Get at anytime a fast response from the support team for your questions.

Code Source

The project will be received not only with the executable but also with the source code.

Re-Sell Rights

You have no copyright for the project so you can use it anywhere, license and re-sell it.

Future Updates

Bugs or errors will be fixed in future for no costs. Improvements can be done for a small fee.

Partners List

Click here to discover all of our official partners and the advantages of choosing them.

Trust & Secured Partners

All of our partnerships are done only with companies and teams of high trust.

Interactive Support

You can ask directly trough our support for recommendations or questions about affiliates.