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Professional internet technology solutions for your business.

Bindlex PPS offers you solutions for the development of your business through special resources and services.

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  • Server, Mac, Windows & Mobile alternatives for any service or platform we offer.
  • Get rid of simple and repetitive tasks with ready automated bots.
  • Build personal large scale bots through complex front-end applications.
  • Hire a dedicated freelance team that can create, test and offer maintenance for your projects.
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Reliable, fast, and easy-to-use sites.

Prices starting from $50 USD.

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  • Website Built in CMS or PHP
  • Transfer of the site on your domain
  • SEO Optimization included for all pages
  • Media & Gallery included
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Can a project be paid in trenches?2021-08-12T07:06:35+00:00

Yes, our team accepts payment in several installments with no additional costs.

How difficult will it be to configure the product for my services?2021-09-05T15:09:57+00:00

Our products are made to be understood as easily as possible. They come with indications and articles in our Knowledgebase. The team can always help you by email and Skype with the configuration and explain to you the steps to follow to use the product properly.

How long would it take for my project to get finished?2021-09-05T15:14:19+00:00

Our team will make an analysis of your project. In at least 24 hours after your request is sent to us we will be able to tell you an estimated time for the development of your project.

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