Bindlex, a great way to increase your business results.

Bindlex is a business ready to help get your company in top by giving different options to choose from. You can visit our Marketplace where we constantly provide it with items from Audio or Graphics to Scripts and Plugins. You can as well visit Bindlex Tuts or directly our Youtube Channel and watch useful series or learn how to use some of our products.

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Marketplace – Audio, Graphics, Images, Scripts and more…

The marketplace is a diversified one, the most active part of Bindlex can be found here. Create an account for free and receive $10 in the wallet, that can be spend on anything from store. You may want to keep your account active, because at 90 days of inactivity the account will be deleted and in 2 weeks from that will be gone forever.

Expensive products can become free ones. In order to do that you may need to have an active account and do different simple tasks. By subscribe to newsletter, being an exclusive author or having referrals can give you many products for free and sometimes even wallet rewards.

What’s coming up, Automatizer Builder

With this product you can create bots easier than anytime before. This software let you gain full control with only a few clicks to system from web bots to control, data and many other structures.

Some features of Automatizer Builder :

  1. 40 Commands+ from Browser, System. Flow, File, Data, Log, Custom and Conditions commands.
  2. Compile and create your own software with sell rights or run script directly from software.
  3. Manage many projects very compact and small size for an easy transfer and understanding.
  4. Use different tools and plugins for your needs by default you get access to developer panel where  you can see in real time variables and lists of your current active script.

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Custom project

Want to build your dream software? With Bindlex everything is possible. Make a request here and let us realise your project. Traffic/ Scraping bots, Utility softwares and even big ones are accepted by us.

Bindlex Support Hub , we are here to help you.

For any questions or Bindlex related problems, visit We treat seriously any of our customers or visitors, give us an email or speak with an operator at phone.